Who is Cat?


Cat Donnelly is a 22 year old woman from Perth, Western Australia. She grew up worshipping women like Tina Fey and Amy Schumer, and dreamed of developing her own comedic voice in an industry which remains a male-dominated industry. Upon graduating Curtin University with a Bachelor of Arts in Writing and Publishing, Donnelly began her own humorous blog, Bitch Club. Her weekly blogs provide a hilarious voice of reason for young females like herself on matters including social media, relationships, and celebrities. Her first memoir, It’s not a phase, Mum, is a love letter for parents of young adults everywhere, explaining why their children may have to stop taking their 80’s advice in a twenty-ten world. 


This portfolio was created in order to present to publishers my skills in humour writing in targeting a young female readership. Regular columns and Agony Aunts have moved away from the local paper and onto the endless infinity of blogs available online, as well as on the many different social media platforms dominating the attention of millennials just like me. I hope to provide witty and relatable content that not only increases Gen Y interest back into a more substantial reading than that supplied by their usual Facebook feed, but give a voice to a younger generation of woman whose interests and issues differ largely from those of the last generation. Through my humour writing,  I hope to portray to online publications everywhere my potential in contributing to this growing online readership of young women.